Flyer – A4 double sided for the water treatment company

Create a flyer for this company:
to use to market themselves to Australian councils which operate municipal potable water and sewage treatment plants, who have a need for water treatment chemicals.

Some draft copy, imagery, brand style guide, logos, etc. all provided.

PDF draft to be submitted, with final deliverable to be a full Adobe InDesign package folder.

Brochure design

We are a water sports company providing water sport activities to guests who are staying at 5 star resorts in Fiji.

We need to create captivating brochures for guests to see what we offer, the inclusions for the activity, and encourage them to choose our fantastic service!

We have a great customer service rating- with exceptional hospitality.

Our activities include:
jetski tours
jetski hire
boat charters
snorkelling tours

We have 5 different resorts in Fiji that we work at- so will need 4 brochures made. each can be a mock of each other- but each resort has different activities offered so as long as they match that resort- it is fine to stay with the same concept and just make alterations to suit.

I would love someone to make a great captivating concept- not a copy of any other company- and provide us with clear options to show a great visual of the activities we offer and promote to our guests.

1st year memorial flyer

Info on the flyer:

Pinny’s 1st Year Memorial
“Legends Never Die”
Saturday August 26,2023
Music By: Philly Top Selectors


I am looking for a skilled graphic designer to create a creative and eye-catching memorial flyer for a 1st-year memorial event. The ideal candidate should have experience in designing event flyers and have a strong understanding of composition and layout.

– The primary purpose of the flyer is to inform the audience about the event details, including the date, time, and venue.

– The flyer should have a creative and unique design that captures the essence of the memorial event.

– The flyer should be in A5 size, ensuring it is portable and easy to distribute.

Skills and Experience:
– Proficiency in graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
– Strong understanding of composition, color theory, and typography.
– Experience in designing event flyers or similar promotional materials.
– Ability to effectively communicate information through visual elements.
– Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines.

If you are a talented graphic designer with experience in creating captivating event flyers, I look forward to reviewing your portfolio and discussing the project further.

A5 Informational Flyer – Mental Health Social Work

A5 Informational Flyer – Mental Health Social Work
We would like you to Create a Flyer about one our services we provide – Mental Health Social Work

– Advertising our service

Branding and Design:
– Existing branding or design elements available please see attachments for examples of our business cards and other flyer, also take into consideration the logo to match the vibe.

Additional Images and Graphics:
– add what ever graphics or photos you feel fit the theme